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The Best Massage Ever…   

Chair Massage are great for any event  They help employees cope better.  Many stress-induced symptoms and conditions are preventable.  In that way a chair massage is very effective in helping people cope with both physical and emotional stress.  

 A massage program could pay for itself by avoiding medical costs, absenteeism and down time in the future.  Programs can be set up in many forms, such as a one-time event or regularly scheduled session.  Also either the employer can provide the service to their employees or the employees may elect to pay for the desired service.

Chair Massage Events can be conducted at many places:


*Two Hour Minimum

Event Time


Chair massages concentrate on the back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head reduce muscle soreness.  It also relaxes and energizes the client.  The client may choose to remain fully clothed or topless in the therapist private office.  The client will remain fully clothed during off-site sessions at your place of business, convention, retreat, etc.




Deep Tissue

Is a therapeutic technique using medium to deep pressure on tight areas to obtain optimal muscle release and may involve some stretching.

Hot Stone

Is a relaxation and therapeutic technique used to relax the muscles while using hot stones in the hands during the massage.


Is a therapeutic technique used to accelerate the flow of lymph, helping to rid the body of toxins and waste materials.

Myofascial Release

Is a therapeutic technique used to address the client’s soft tissue problems warming and lengthening the fascia to induce release.

Myoskeletal Alignment

Is a therapeutic technique to loosen soft tissue adhesions to let the body self-align skeletal problems that are causing disfunction and pain.



 Side Lying Massage

 Is a regular Swedish / Therapeutic massage performed when the client can no longer lay on the stomach due to pregnancy or other health concerns.  The client is in a side lying position with pillows placed between the knees and propped under the neck and/or abdomen.  This takes pressure off of the spine and abdomen.  The client still remains draped for modesty as in any massage.


Is a therapeutic technique concentrating on sinus acupressure points and lung meridian to open sinuses and release sinus pressure.


It is performed either prior to a sporting event to warm up and stretch the muscles to obtain optimal performance during the event or after the event to relax and stretch the muscles while eliminating lactic acid build up and speeding muscle repair.


Is a relaxation technique using soft to medium pressure while kneading, stroking and stretching the muscles to eliminate stress.

Trigger Point

Is a therapeutic technique used on trigger points and tight areas where static pressure is applied for a period of time and manipulation of the muscle to induce optimal muscle release.